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[Intervention] Apprenticeship of Florentine merchants-bankers (Matthieu Scherman)

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Apprenticeship of Florentine merchants-bankers: the example of the 15th century London Salviati bank.
Matthieu Scherman (EFR)

texte publié le 30 avril 2014

Communication présentée à l’European Social Science History Conference 2014 (ESSHC 2014, Vienne), Session « Learning and Training Patterns of Skilled Labour Force in Preindustrial Europe (14th-18th Centuries) ».

This paper aims to examine how Fiorentine merchants were trained to succeed in the bank business. The Salviati, from the Florence’s nobility, operated a bank in London from 1444 to 1445. After Florence and Pisa, London is the third bank to be opened, before Bruges. Thus, the network designed by the family linked Mediterranean and Northern Europe. Thanks to the documentation available, such as the accounting books and the tax declarations, it is we have gained a greater understanding of how people developed their skills as merchants-bankers.

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