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[Intervention] Yellow dyes of historical importance IV. Sawwort (Serratula tinctoria L.) and weld (Reseda luteola L.) in the Florentine Dye company “Francesco di Giuliano Salviati e Comp., tintori d’arte maggiore”, 1483-1498 (Dominique Cardon, Ingrid Houssaye Michienzi)

Dyes in history 34 - copieDyes in History & Archaeology 34,
University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki, 21-24 octobre 2015

This presentation is the continuation of several former presentations at DHA meetings: it is the fourth part of the first author’s series “Yellow dyes of historical importance” (DHA 13, 14 and 16/17) and it offers a focus on the yellow dyes that allowed the Salviati company of Arte della Lana (specializing in broadcloth production) to export so many green broadcloths to Constantinople and the Ottoman Empire, as presented last year at DHA 33 in Glasgow. Continuer la lecture