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[Intervention] Cross-Referencing Data in Account Books and Textile Fragments (Suzanna Lassalle)

Exploring_Early_Modern_Dress - copieDans le cadre de la conférence inaugurale du projet Dressing the Early Modern Network

Communication de Suzanne Lassalle :
« Cross- Referencing Data in Account Books and Textile Fragments »

Exploring Early Modern Dress : The Merits and Challenges of Diverse Sources.
Inaugural Dressing the Early Modern Network Conference
Dutch University Institute for Art History (NIKI) Viale Torricelli 5, 50125 Florence Italy,
Saturday, 1September 2015.
Programme de la conférence inaugurale du 19 septembre 2015 (pdf).

Argumentaire de la conférence :
The field of early modern dress history draws from a variety of sources in order to map out fashions and trends within the confines of readily available early modern source materials. The analysis of a vast range of sources is done in the context of an interdisciplinary research where different research fields and schools of thought collide and emerge in the form of dress history. Pictorial representations of early modern dress together with surviving garments, garment fragments and textiles form some of the obvious tools from which information is drawn and pieced together. Archival sources, including house inventories, account books and sumptuary legislation, among others, have also consistently been employed to verify the various types of garments used in the early modern period. However, while each of these sources have their definite merits, they also pose considerable challenges due to the fact that they can sometimes be fragmented. The conference aims to generate a discussion about the benefits and advantages, as well as the limitations and constraints that the plethora of these diverse sources pose in order to build a solid platform from which researchers can draw conclusions about early modern dress history.